‘GEN 2’ EZ DIP BELT ‘Loaded’


ez dip

(Free Shipping) CHECK IT OUT!!! The newly upgraded Generation 2 EZ DIP. A combination of first generation Class Leading Strength, Comfort & Ease of use. Upgraded with Genuine Mountain Climbing Snap Hooks times three (climbers trust their lives to the very same Hooks). Plus Extreme Duty ‘in house’ Hook stitching to assure EZ DIP Belts astronomical 500# Load Rating. Left and Right Snap Hooks assure fast load chain adjustments with either hand. While the New Rear Snap Hook can be used for Cable Machine Squats, Lunges, Step ups and anything else you can think of! If you demand the very best weight belt with chain for hard fought workouts, buckle up with EZ DIP. The seriously legit choice for Cross Fit, Weightlifters, and Bodybuilder’s on the grow. EZ DIP ‘Loaded’ package includes Dip Belt, Chain, Dumbbell Hook, and Weight Plate Loading Pin. All covered by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. US Patent #7,008,355 B2  TM