‘GEN2’ EZ DIP BELT ‘Weight Plate’


ez dip

FREE SHIPPING!!! GEN2 EZ DIP is the number one WEIGHTED PLATE DIPPING BELT for Athletes, Weightlifting, and Strength Training. Created to crush common leather and nylon dip belts. EZ DIP is engineered from the waist down to perform. Ease of use, Speed, Comfort, Durability, Style. This WEIGHTED PLATE DIPPING BELT definitely brings it. But talks cheap so don’t take our word for it. Buckle one up with the speed and security of an Airplane Seat Buckle. Then give a tug on the waist strap for the perfect fit. Next load Big with up to six 45# Weight Plates. Adjust the chain for perfect load height with left or right front Mountain Grade Snap Hooks. Then attack Dips and Pull Ups for huge gains. Or blitz legs by attaching Rear Snap Hook to cable machines to perform Squats, Step Ups, Lunges and more! All in the engineered comfort of a DIPPING BELT that redefines the term padded DIPPING BELT. Think plush but hardly weak. WEIGHTED PLATE DIPPING BELT by EZ DIP is pull tested to a verified 500 pounds. Add in a Lifetime Replacement Warranty and choice becomes easy. Dip this! Includes EZ DIP Belt, Weight Plate Holder, and Chain  TM