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Delt-Belt is the do all Multi Exercise Handles that performs upright rows better than Barbells & Dumbbells ever could. But we know talks cheap so go ahead and drop a dumbbell in Delt-Belt’s patented hook. Then raise elbows and experience for yourself just how good upright rows can feel. But not only that, dozens more exercise options are as close as the nearest cable machine away. Use Delt-Belt’s 450# rated D-Ring for Upright & Seated Rows, Ab crunches, Bicep & Reverse Forearm Curls, Triceps Extensions, Shrugs, and more. Or do live motion Chin Ups by hooking the Straps dumbbell hook on a chin up bar. Fact is Regardless of how Delt-Belt is used, it will become your ‘go to’ gym bag boredom buster. Comes complete with lifetime replacement warranty. *US Patent # 7,008,355 B2 –

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