Welcome fellow resistance fighter! Thanks for dropping by as we know web world is polluted with dipping belt choices. But then again talks cheap online and exactly why we here at dippingbelts.com offer only one brand of dip belt. Ours. That’s because we tried the rest. But they failed the test. Fact is it was abundantly clear in the trenches of our brutal workouts, those belts were designed by anything but athletes. And so we decided to build our own from the waist down to deliver the goods in a big way. For starters the belt had to be fast & easy to put on or take off. It had to be secure and not slip down the waist. This belt had to be comfortable and not pinch under weight. And our creation had to be fast to load and unload. Real fast. Oh and strong enough to lift 500 pounds, not break, while looking good under pressure. The end result of project dip belt? Well that pretty much sums up who we are, what we do, and why we do it. The rest is up to you so ……bring it!