I've had this belt for about a year and I love. To add to that, the company is run by some stand up guys and they make their products right here in the USA. The belt is strong, comfortable, and pliable so its not really necessary to break it in. It can be used with the db hook or the loading pin; I've only used it with db's. I thought this was just an ingenious creation so I bought it, it has not disappointed me at all. The hook allows you to load a lot of weight on the belt easily, is more comfortable than having plates swinging between your legs, and allows you to quickly take the weight off (while keeping the belt on) during breaks. It works just as they promised and I've had no issues with quality, fit, or comfort.<br><br> One thing about the company.....I got it from their website and the night I was looking at their products I put some things in my "cart"...but then was confused with the sale promos that were going on, so I canceled everything and went to bed. The owner emailed me personally in the morning to see if they had done anything wrong because he had noticed that I started an order and then didn't finish...wanted to know if there was anything they'd done wrong. I was absolutely one gives customer service like this anymore so I told him what went wrong. He quickly emailed me back, gave me the discount I thought I was supposed to get, gave me free shipping, took a little more off, then upgraded another product. I promptly put in an order for everything I had originally wanted because I was so happy with their service.<br><br> Everything I got from them has been top-notch and worked as they advertise. I can't say enough good things about them or their products. Good solid product
John K / Amazon
Verified Purchase! I Purchased this belt some months back. The belt is very well made I mostly have used it to do calf exercises. I have only used up to 45lb dumbbells; but I think it can handle a lot more. Very happy with the purchase and hope it will last for a long time.
Shahzad Mark / Amazon
Verified Purchase! A good comfortable belt.. Price is a little up there but the extensions that comes with it make it worth it.. Much better than having 45lb plates swinging between your legs.. I can fit 120lb dumbbells in the hooks comfortably.
Robert Warren / Amazon